Family Planning

It's your body. Take control.

Konza provides a wide range of family planning services to people of all ages. All services are confidential. No person is denied services for inability to pay, and there is no minimum age to receive services.

If you’re needing birth control, we can usually see you on the same day.

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Family Planning Services
Birth Control and Safe Sex

o When it comes to birth control, we’ve got you covered. There are more methods than you may think. Our medical providers can help you find a birth control method that fits your lifestyle.

o Condoms used consistently and correctly provide the best protection against STDs. Condoms also prevent unintended pregnancies.

STD & HIV Testing & Treatment

o Knowledge is power. STD tests are usually quick and painless. Getting tested for STDs and practicing safe sex are basic parts of staying healthy and in control of your sex life.

Planning for Pregnancy

o Thinking of having a family or don’t want kids at all? Deciding the number and spacing of your future children is an important part of building the future you want. We can help – give us a call.

Annual Check-Ups

o Even if you are healthy, schedule an annual exam with a primary care provider. You take care of others – don’t forget about yourself!


Konza Prairie Community Health Center prides itself in working with our patients in order to provide them with best possible care. Education and information helps patients better understand diagnoses, treatments, and care plans. Here at Konza, we aim to provide our patients with as much information as possible. To help better provide this information we have put together a list of informational resources to help our patients find what they need.

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